What to Give


No matter your situation, we’ll help you find a giving option that makes the maximum impact on Hope while preserving the most advantages for you.

Cash Making a donation of cash for special purposes, annual giving, or endowment is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card.
Stock, bonds, and other securities A gift of securities may offer you the chance to help the college while realizing many important tax benefits for yourself. Donors avoid the capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated stock or bonds
Real estate Giving real estate to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive tax and income advantages, and make a larger charitable gift than anticipated.
Gift through will or trust Name Hope College as a beneficiary in your will or trust.
Charitable gift annuity Transfer cash, securities, or other assets to Hope College and receive fixed annual (or more frequent if desired) payments and a tax deduction.
Beneficiary of life insurance, IRA, or other qualified plan Designate Hope College as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, IRA, or other qualified retirement plan.
Irrevocable charitable trusts Establish an irrevocable annuity trust or unitrust to provide you and your spouse long-term income and benefit Hope College in the future.
Life estate Make a gift to Hope College of your home, farmland, vacation property, or business property and retain the use of the property for the remainder of your life.
Life insurance policy transfer Make an ownership transfer of a life insurance policy to Hope College.