Undergraduate Research


Students researching with faculty

Interaction with new and innovative academic ideas not only positions students for career success after graduation, but also infuses a college with unquantifiable intellectual excitement. Hope students participate in collaborative research on campus and often attend and present at professional conferences. Through A Greater Hope, donors have a number of opportunities to provide support for continued and enhanced research and innovation.

Research and Innovation

Student-Faculty Research

Collaboration between students and faculty members brings learning to new levels. Students gain practical experience and benefit from close mentoring, and faculty draw energy and ideas from student enthusiasm and questioning. Student-faculty research funds encourage research across the curriculum. They provide summer stipends to students and allow them to remain on campus to work with faculty members on research projects. Hope seeks support for the mentoring of research students during the academic year and summer so that opportunities for these valuable interactions can increase.

Greater Innovation

Advanced student research today often depends upon the latest technology, interdisciplinary approaches, and early preparation in the sciences. Hope seeks support for technological advancements including equipment replacement in the classroom and for interdisciplinary research that fosters connections within Hope and with other institutions.

Student Travel

Attendance and presentation at professional conferences can give students crucial experience, confidence, and insight on their chosen fields of study. These conferences attract leading scholars and professionals from around the world as speakers and panelists, and are held in major cities throughout the nation. To ensure that no qualified student misses the opportunity to attend a conference due to its location, Hope plans to create a fund that will help with travel expenses.

Science Scholars

Hope wants to encourage students to pursue high-level scientific research. To help support their work, the college intends to establish a fund for distinguished student scholars in the sciences. Donors can be assured that their contributions have a direct effect on the lives of some of our brightest students—students who will influence the future.

Endowment Opportunities

Opportunities to fund research and innovation at Hope range from supporting student travel to professional conferences ($25,000 or more) to endowing departmental research by faculty members ($250,000).

Endowment Support for Departmental Research* $250,000
Endowment Support for Student-Faculty Research $100,000 or more
Endowment Support for Distinguished Scholars in the Sciences $25,000 or more
Endowment Support for Student Travel for Professional Conferences $25,000 or more

* Support for faculty to conduct research during the academic year and summer.

Campaign Goals