Spiritual Life, International and Multicultural Education


For Spiritual Life

A defining feature of Hope College is to encourage, equip, and inspire generations of students to become thoughtfully discerning Christian leaders in society and the church. Hope seeks to endow programs and positions that will strengthen the opportunities our students have for Christian spiritual growth.

The spiritual life at Hope has always been a sustaining and guiding force. The college is committed to maintaining an environment in which transformation can take place in every student’s life. Our spiritual connections—to scripture, prayer, the classic Christian disciplines, leadership development, holy living, and active service and mission—form a soil conducive to healthy personal growth. As part of the entire college experience, a vibrant Chapel program has attracted national recognition and raised intellectual conversations on campus, generating new student interest in the college. Our vision to strengthen spiritual life opportunities at Hope College depends on donors to make it a reality.

Endowment opportunities to enhance spiritual life at Hope range from improvements to physical structures and cultural life to Chapel programs and staff positions.

Position Endowments
Chaplain Position $1 million
Director of Mission and Outreach $1 million
Director of Crossroads $1 million
Minister of Music and Arts $750,000
Gospel Choir Director $750,000
Chapel Program Endowments
Worship Services
(Chapel, The Gathering)
$1 million
Discipleship Programs
(Bible studies, small groups, retreats, books, Gospel Choir, and Worship Team)
$1 million
Service and Outreach Resources
(spring service projects, volunteer services)
$1 million
Support Resources
(publicity, newsletters, website, travel, staff professional development)
$1 million
Christian Culture Endowments
World Christian Lectures
One Annual Lecture
$1 million
RCA Annual Conference Endowment $1 million
Annual Concert Series Endowment $1 million
Student Culture Endowment (biannual Veritas Forum) $1 million
Physical Improvement Endowments
Chapel Operating Budget, Facility Improvements, Equipment Repair and Replacement, Audio Upgrades, Night-Time Lighting $1 million

For International and Multicultural Education

A multidimensional experience of life on campus is part of Hope’s educational mission. Exposure to a variety of cultures and backgrounds enriches life on campus and supports the college’s academic program. To enhance this and further integrate campus life into the academic program, the college seeks to endow a number of key programs and positions.

Education for International and Multicultural Experiences

Student looking at computerHope’s mission is to educate students for lives of leadership in a global society. The recently established position of dean for the Department of International and Multicultural Education demonstrates the institutional commitment to educating citizens through the curriculum, programming, student and faculty recruitment, and exposure to the global society. The Department of International and Multicultural Education offers a variety of programs to educate students regarding their place in the world. For 25 years, the Critical Issues Symposium (CIS) has engaged the campus community in the study of important issues facing our world. Endowing such programs as the CIS and other initiatives within international and multicultural education will allow us to educate students for global citizenship.

International Education

Three students talkingAs the global community becomes increasingly interconnected, we must bring more international students to Hope and enable greater numbers of Hope students to explore the world. Our vision for Hope includes preparing students to be world citizens capable of contributing to the betterment of humanity. To achieve this, students must gain an academic understanding of the world’s complexity—an understanding best gained through study abroad and contact with a diverse student population at home. Endowment opportunities include supporting an international student advising program and endowing the Critical Issues Symposium.

To Endow the Critical Issues Symposium $1 million
To Strengthen International Partnerships with Academic Institutions $1 million
Support for International Student Advising Program $250,000 or more

Multicultural Education

At Hope College, we educate students for leadership and life-long learning. Through the Phelps Scholars program and other initiatives, multicultural education engages students in encountering cultural and racial diversity that is characteristic of our nation and world. Preparing students with the realistic competencies and skills to live in a multicultural society is the major goal of multicultural education. Additional resources will allow Hope College to strengthen this initiative. Endowment opportunities range from funding leadership and diversity training to endowing the Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) Program.

To Endow the Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) program $1 million
To Endow the Phelps Scholar Program $1 million
Endowment Support for Phelps Scholars $25,000 or more
Multicultural Enrichment Series $500,000 or more
Leadership and Diversity Training $500,000 or more

Campaign Goals

The students and faculty we spoke with confirm that the school walks its talk; Hope College is both academically serious and theologically earnest.

—The Intercollegiate Studies Institute

From its founding in 1847, Hope College has been deeply involved in the world beyond the boundaries of Holland, Michigan.

— Robert J. Donia and John M. Mulder