Student Scholarships


Our students are, quite literally, our Hope. There are few more rewarding ways to contribute to the college’s mission than by targeting funds directly to students. By endowing a scholarship—whether need-based, merit-based, or in support of Hope’s international or multicultural dimensions—donors have an enormous impact on student lives.

Scholarships and Grants

Need-Based Scholarships and Grants

For many students, attending Hope College can become a reality only with the financial assistance provided through scholarships established by thoughtful, generous alumni and friends of the college. Hope intends to offer a range of endowed need-based scholarships to assist students at all levels of need. Endowment opportunities for need-based scholarships range from gifts of $25,000 to named full-tuition scholarship funds of $700,000 or more.

To Endow a Named, Full-Tuition* Scholarship $700,000 or more
To Endow a Named, Half-Tuition Scholarship $300,000 or more
To Endow a Named, Partial-Tuition Scholarship $100,000 or more
To Establish a Named, Endowed Partial-Tuition Scholarship $25,000 or more

* In 2011–12, tuition, room, and board at Hope College is $35,280 per year.

Donor Benefits

The establishment of a scholarship is an enduring way to memorialize a family name, honor a special friend or family member, or recognize the experience one had while at Hope. Luncheons are held on campus to bring together the donor and the recipient of the scholarship. Through these popular events, many long-lasting friendships have been formed.

Hope’s Endowment

In 2009, the market value of Hope’s endowment was significantly lower than those of most of the college’s peer institutions. The amount of endowment per student also lagged behind the majority of Hope’s peers.


Institution Endowment Market Value Enrollment Endowment per Student
Oberlin $683,041,216 2,983 $228,978
Denison $658,225,235 2,307 $285,317
Carleton $653,465,246 2,020 $323,498
DePauw $500,920,763 2,390 $209,590
St. Olaf $345,248,199 3,156 $109,394
Earlham $335,539,987 1,063 $315,654
Wabash $325,295,000 876 $371,341
Wheaton $322,600,000 3,026 $106,609
The College of Wooster $246,688,529 1,909 $129,224
Kenyon $179,922,748 1,652 $108,912
Albion $168,354,000 1,514 $111,198
Kalamazoo $155,218,000 1,369 $113,381
Hope $153,813,262 3,202 $48,037
Calvin $111,129,657 3,991 $27,845

Hope’s endowment funds a range of important needs at the college, with the majority dedicated to funding student scholarships and awards.

Hope College Endowment Fund Allocation Fiscal Year 2010

Hope College Endowment Fund Allocation Fiscal Year 2010

International Scholarships

To serve the world, one must understand the world. To ensure that Hope graduates can successfully work and live in a global community, the college seeks opportunities for international students to study at Hope, as well as opportunities for Hope students to study abroad. Endowment opportunities are available for both types of international scholarships.

To Endow a Need-Based Scholarship for Third Culture Students $25,000 or more
To Endow a Need-Based Scholarship for Missionary Children Living Abroad $25,000 or more
To Endow an International Student Scholarship to Hope College $25,000 or more
To Endow a Hope Student Scholarship for Study Abroad $25,000 or more

Bringing Students to Hope

By offering more aid to prospective international students, Hope can significantly enhance its international dimension, attracting a tremendous talent pool and significantly enriching our campus community. Our goal is to have 100 international students on campus in the near future. This would require approximately 20 new students a year over the next several years. Currently, there are approximately 60 international students on campus at any time.

Bringing Hope to the World

In the past, when students studied abroad, they retained their existing financial aid for one semester. Endowment support for study-abroad scholarships could make it possible for students to study abroad in Hope College-approved programs for up to two semesters.

Multicultural Scholarships

Two students studying An inclusive educational community provides an education in itself. To promote multiculturalism on campus and further the college’s educational mission, Hope seeks endowment funds. These funds will help to provide scholarships with preference for talented and deserving students of color and those who have demonstrated interest and experience in multicultural education. Gifts of $25,000 or more will create a scholarship that will help promote multiculturalism at Hope.

Support for a Multicultural Scholarship $25,000 or more

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are given to students demonstrating outstanding academic achievement and/or to those who have made significant contributions to their schools or communities. Awards are not determined by one’s financial need.

Trustee Scholarship $17,000

per year
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic record, standardized test scores, and demonstrated leadership abilities. Finalists are selected from the applicant pool by a faculty committee. Twenty Trustee Scholarships are available per class.
Presidential Scholarship $6,000- $15,000

per year
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of overall high school record. Dominant factors in the selection of Presidential Scholars are grades, standardized test scores, and rank in class. Other factors that may be considered are demonstrated leadership and involvement in school/community activities. Students presenting at least a 3.6 or 90 grade point average and an ACT composite score of 28 or combined critical reading/math SAT of 1240 will be considered for this scholarship.
Distinguished Scholar Award $5,000- $5,500

per year
Scholarships are awarded to students based on course selection, grade point average, class rank, and standardized test scores.
Valedictorian Scholarship $5,000

per year
Scholarships are awarded to high school valedictorians who are not selected to receive one of the other Hope-sponsored merit-based scholarships.
Alumni Honors Scholarship $3,000- $4,500

per year
Students presenting a high school grade point average of 3.75 or higher or who present a grade point average of 3.5 and one or more of the following: an ACT composite score of at least 24, combined critical reading/math SAT score of at least 1090, or a minimum class rank of 80th percentile.
Distinguished Artist Award $2,500

per year
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of artistic talent and academic record. Awards are given in the visual arts, dance, music, creative writing, and theatre. Audition or submission of appropriate materials is required. For additional information, contact the appropriate department chairperson.

All merit-based scholarships are 4-year awards, provided appropriate renewal criteria are met. Hope College Scholarships are limited to one per student, with the exception of Distinguished Artist Awards, which may be combined with another scholarship. Recipients of merit-based scholarships are also eligible for need-based scholarship consideration.

Donors may endow one or more of these existing scholarships, which help Hope remain competitive in attracting the most talented students. Endowment opportunities range from $55,000 (to fund a scholarship of $2,500 per year) to $380,000 or more (to fund a scholarship of $17,000 or more per year).

To Endow a Scholarship Valued at:
$17,000 or more a year $380,000 or more
$6,500–$15,000 a year $145,000–$335,000
$5,000–$6,000 a year $125,000 or more
$5,000 or more a year $110,000 or more
$3,000–$4,500 a year $75,000 or more
$2,500 or more a year $55,000 or more

Campaign Goals

I am extremely grateful for those who graciously gave me this gift of a scholarship and bless me with this opportunity of attending Hope.

—Cara Bartels ’12, Nursing major