Faculty Support


Student and professor
Our faculty includes many scholars revered for their dedication to teaching and honored for their accomplishments. To ensure that Hope can retain and continue to attract the best and brightest faculty members, we must give them the resources they need in an environment of support that remains competitive with our peer institutions. To this end, strengthening our faculty endowment is a must.

Endowed Positions

John D. CoxHope currently has 20 endowed professorships, two endowed ministry positions, and an endowed curator position. Nine have been given during A Greater Hope, the Hope College Campaign. Our goal is 36 by the end of the campaign. These named awards provide distinctive recognition to the best of our outstanding faculty, provide the awardees with guaranteed summer stipends for scholarship, and help enhance faculty compensation. Overall, the endowing of faculty positions will help sustain the excellence of the Hope faculty for decades to come. Donors have endowment opportunities to fund programs or faculty positions at varying levels. The donor can designate the academic discipline and names to be associated with the endowment. Occasionally meetings are arranged, enabling the professor and donor to build a personal relationship.

To Endow a Program $3 million
To Establish an Endowed Professorship $1–2 million
To Endow a Program Director $1 million
To Establish an Endowed Teacher Scholar $750,000
To Support a Visiting Artist-in-Residence $500,000 or more
To Establish an Endowed Faculty Development Fund $100,000 or more

Faculty Development

Hope College is blessed with a faculty that not only teaches with excellence but actively engages in research and creative performance. The provision of endowed faculty grants enables them to conduct collaborative scholarship with students in the summer. Enabling faculty to be active in their disciplines will continue to enrich Hope for future generations and sustain the excellence of the academic program.

Faculty Compensation

Hope faculty members demonstrate an amazing longevity at the college in spite of receiving compensation that is below the mean of our peer institutions. The addition of endowed professorships and increases in the overall endowment will enable the college to raise compensation to levels that are competitive and will assist us in recruiting and retaining the best faculty.

Campaign Goals

When we hire faculty members, we look for people with “fire in the belly”—those with passion, who understand the essence and value of a Hope education. And when you promote and encourage these people, you create an ethos of accountability that really means something.

—Moses Lee, Ph.D., Dean, Natural and Applied Sciences